Blessed Sacrament Congregation

I am writing this note to express complete satisfaction with our participation in the eRate Program. After supplying you with a minimal amount of information to support our eligibility to participate, we were able to reduce our telecommunication costs during the past school year by approximately $5,200, a savings of over 60%. The nominal administrative fee we pay to have you secure our membership in the program is well worth the cost. We look forward to our continued long-term participation in the program.

Blessed Sacrament Congregation
Milwaukee, WI

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Our Services

Successful E-Rate filing requires two different kinds of information:

  • The first is applicant specific information supplied by the school. This includes: telecommunications, internet and Wi-Fi costs – competitive bidding documents, contracts, discount & student data, etc.
  • The second is E-Rate specific information coming primarily from the consultant, including:
    1. Knowledge of when and how to file required forms.
    2. Proper documentation of information included on required forms.
    3. Adherence to best practices of all program rules, regulations, policies, procedures, guidelines and deadlines that impact funding.
    4. Guidance to assure compliance with the competitive bidding process.
    5. Respond effectively to all levels of E-Rate reviews.
    6. Timely filing of appeals.

Our goal is to use our expertise to maximize E-Rate funds disbursement to our clients from their existing information and in compliance with all program rules. Click here to view a list of the complete filing cycle

Our Guarantee

  • If you are not approved for E-Rate for any reason we will refund any fees paid for that filing year.

Discounts Apply for the Whole Year

  • When you are approved for funding we notify your service provider(s) to begin including your E-Rate as discounts.
  • Regardless of when you are approved, you will receive funding for the full twelve month funding year from July 1st through June 30th.

Prior Years Filings Report

  • We examine your funding history, discuss those findings with you, and take appropriate action to recover any remaining balance funds.

What is eRate?

Billions of Dollars Returned

  • E-Rate is a federal program that has distributed billions of dollars to schools to help cover phone services, Internet access, and now includes Wi-Fi equipment and maintenance.
  • All non-profit schools with an endowment less than $50 million are eligible to receive E-rate funds.

20%-90% Reimbursement!

  • Schools & libraries can receive E-Rate funds to help defray 20%-90% of eligible costs.

Definition from the USAC web site

E-Rate is the commonly used name for the Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund, which is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company(USAC) under the direction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The program was set up in 1997 when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted a Universal Service Order implementing the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The Order was designed to ensure that all eligible schools and libraries have affordable access to modern telecommunications and information services. Up to $2.25 billion annually is available to provide discounts to assist schools/school districts and libraries in the United States (and U.S. territories) to obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access.

The Schools and Libraries Program supports connectivity – the conduit or pipeline for communications using telecommunications services and/or the Internet. Funding is requested under four categories of service: telecommunications services, Internet access, internal connections, and basic maintenance of internal connections. Discounts for support depend on the level of poverty and the urban/rural status of the population served and range from 20% to 90% of the costs of eligible services.


Our Team

Richard h senturia


  • 1997-2005: Worked as an E-Rate service provider responsible for $30,000,000 of priority 2 funding approvals.
  • 2006: Founded eRateProgram, LLC – a St. Louis based E-Rate consulting firm, to help lift the E-Rate filing burden from smaller public and private school applicants.
  • 2013: Managed the company’s rapid growth to over 1,000 clients.
  • 2007-Current: Presents E-Rate workshops and training to local, state and national education groups.

Stephen glickman

Consultant/Director of Systems

  • 2008: Joined eRate Program, LLC as consultant after 24 years executive experience with NYSE traded company, leaving as Vice President of Operations.
  • Manages financial operations, invoicing, consulting agreements, strategic planning and implementation of financial systems.
  • 2009-Current: Presents E-Rate workshops and training to local and state education groups.


Senior Consultant/Director of Client Operations

  • 2008: Completed a 40-year executive career in the medical equipment/services field to fulfill his desire to provide educational opportunities for underserved youth.
  • Participates in E-Rate outreach to underserved educational communities; works with Catholic education offices around the country.
  • E-Rate “form-filer” extraordinaire.


Director of Special Services

  • 2011: Joined eRateProgram, LLC after a distinguished career enhancing output and improving systems for Citigroup (NJ) and American Express (NY).


Director of Administration/Information

  • 2008: Joined eRateProgram, LLC after 19 years experience with Kinkos, including outstanding client services, computer skills and “first call resolution”
  • Organizes and coordinates the flow of information to be included on forms 470, 471, 486, and works with vendors to get the E-Rate flowing to our clients.


Program Integrity/Special Compliance



  • 2012: Joined eRateProgram, LLC after 13 years managing operations for local franchise business.
  • Currently handles BEAR filings, data gathering to help new clients receive “approved but not disbursed”
    E-Rate funds from previous years.